social share button blog me kaise lagaye

I will tell you in this post how to put a  social share button blog me kaise lagaye in your blog or website.  If you are brand new to blogging, then you do not know how to take the share button in blog then you have come to the right post. As you know, how difficult it is to bring traffic to a blog or website in today's time. Everyone makes a blog but what happens is that they do not get traffic on their blog.
social share button blog me kaise lagaye

And in his mind the same thing always revolves about how to bring traffic on the blog and what to do if you can generate the traffic on the website, then you will find the answer to these true questions like this, on your blog by saying something After visiting the visitor and reading and posting your post, he liked your post and wanted to share your post with your friends and in such a way your website will not be able to share a social share button.
What is the hosting
Gogle algorithm is what
No, for this you need to apply social share button to your blog, by applying post to your blog when sharing will also get traffic of your blog and Social media traffic 
Let's help you grow. If you want to put social share button on your blog or web site, then let's know.

social share button blog me kaise lagaye

To add a social share button you will first need to get an html code that you can add to that code in your blog. I have given information in a post to get the code. You can add a social share button to your liking. Read this post.

And whatever site you like, you can create your own account on it by dialing your blog url and entering a code that you can add to your blog.
It will be like this which is below.
The content of the content of the postal code                                     

Blog Me social share button kaise Add kare

To apply mediashare, follow the steps mentioned below and you can put a share button in your blog.
1. First of all, you login into your blogger and you go to your database.
2. Then click on Html Edit.
3. After that the whole code of your html will appear, then press CTRL + F with your keybord after which you can search for  <data: post.body>
4. When you go to this code, you have to top or bottom in your blog, then paste it. 
5kuske after you save , please 
Show title from the title of the blog title.

2nd method

  Go to the blog's database.
2.After you click on the  Layout
3.Click after you click on  add a gedget
4. After that click on  your html javascript
social share button blog me kaise lagaye
Add caption

5kapane who received code you on the same code on paste form |

6. After paste , click on save .
Now you have added the share button to your blog. You can check if you are asking for check.
If you have a little problem doing anything then you can comment in the comment box.

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